Sustainability Policy

At the Hotel & Country Club Suerre we have a commitment to protect the environment, based on the principles of sustainability, committing ourselves to the continuous improvement of daily practices and work in the company, raising awareness among employees, customers, guests, community and why not taking it to a cantonal scale, on the knowledge of the protection of natural resources with actions aimed at the conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity of the area.
Hotel & Country Club Suerre promulgates our total rejection to the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents (ESCNNA), or any method of child labor exploitation and the different forms of discrimination, working together with the competent authorities to prevent these acts and denounce any case that is presented.
We seek to become a source of direct or indirect employment that contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the local community in general, having as a principle the hiring of personnel from the region. Hotel Suerre is committed to provide training to staff, seeking mechanisms to raise awareness and consciousness to customers, guests and suppliers in sustainable practices that contribute to the development and strengthening of all those activities related to our raison d’ĂȘtre: “Tourism”.


The company delivers the corresponding induction to the employees of the company, where it is ensured that the collaborator understands all the policies to be respected while being part of the company.
The company will train its collaborators as needed, so that they can transmit to the guests and clients our projects regarding the CST.


The company is concerned about the commercial growth of local suppliers, so we give them priority as long as they comply with our quality policies. On the other hand, we care about ensuring that the products we use are friendly to the environment.

Water Saving

We inform our clients, guests and collaborators of how they can help with saving water and implementing ways to use rainwater, this through information slips placed in strategic places.
We monitor monthly water savings to establish goals and corrective actions every month with all our employees.

Energy saving

At the Hotel & Country Club Suerre we are committed to establishing and reviewing energy objectives and goals, as well as ensuring the availability of resources and information.
We are committed to satisfying legal requirements, to the acquisition of products and services that impact energy performance, as well as to supporting design activities that continually improve energy performance and EnMS.

Waste Management

The company is interested in giving a good management to waste, seeking ways to reduce and reuse the waste produced by the company.
In our collection center we make an adequate separation of waste and we make sure that our collectors make a good transfer and an adequate treatment of our waste.